Fat Tuesday Pancakes

March 1, 2019

Last chance.

What started as Shrove Tuesday is now more commonly known as Pancake Day or Fat Tuesday. The meaning behind it came from the idea that it was your last chance to "indulge" before the beginning of Lent. You'd soon have to resist eating ingredients like eggs, fat and dairy. And, when those 3 components are put together, what do you get? Pancakes! Of course pancakes are enjoyed year-round but on this day it's totally okay to have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Healthy delicious?

Is there even such a thing? When we think of indulging, the word "vegan" doesn't exactly spring to mind. But if you're wanting to partake in Fat Tuesday while still remaining on a plant-based diet, you have to try these Carrot Cake Pancakes. They're indulgent, delicious and entirely plant-based. Even if you aren't on a plant-based diet, you will love them.

Don't miss out.

Enjoy them guilt-free without having to feel like you're missing out. When I make them I like to swap the raisins and pecans for chocolate chips and then more chocolate chips, but you can improvise however you'd like.

Save to your profile.

Click on the recipe below to save these pancakes to your cookbook, or 'like' the recipe to instantly save it to your profile. Eat up, enjoy, and happy Fat Tuesday everyone!

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