The Best National Beer Day Pancakes

Yep, it's a thing. Whether or not you're American, come enjoy these pancakes that contain a top secret ingredient!

April 5, 2019

Beer For Breakfast?

It's totally okay now. These pancakes use 1 cup of beer in order to turn up the fluff factor, making them even more irresistible. They're dairy free too, which is pretty awesome! If you're vegan, you could try substituting the egg with an egg replacer, like flaxseed.

Top Them With The Best

This recipe calls for maple syrup as a topper, but feel free to add whatever you'd like. Nutella, peanut butter, jam, cream, bananas... all of the above?

Enjoy National Beer Day this year and give these pancakes a try, you won't regret it! If they go wrong, well, at least you'll have the rest of your can of beer to help ease the pain.

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