Simple, Delicious, and Surprising: Why We’re Loving This Mexican Noodle Soup

Noodle soups are comforting, delicious, and often pretty cheap to make. This Mexican sopa de fideos is no exception. With just a few ingredients, you’ll have a bowl of delicious noodle soup that’s incredibly customizable.

April 4, 2019

All You Need is a Blender

Canned tomatoes, onion, and garlic get blended until smooth and silky. You can also add some spices to the mixture, such as a bit of cumin or chilli powder. It’s up to you! If you wanted to add some heat, you could also blend a jalapeño with the tomatoes.

Don’t Forget to Toast Your Noodles

This is the real trick: In order to achieve a nutty, warm note, toast your uncooked noodles in some oil until they start to turn golden brown. Although you could technically use any noodles you like, thin egg noodles or trimmed angel hair pasta would probably work best.

By then adding the tomato mix and some broth to the noodles, they’ll finish cooking in the soup and take on a delicious flavour.

The great thing about this soup is that it’s incredibly customizable. You can keep it really simple or add in veggies such as spinach or carrots, and top with sliced avocado, pickled jalapeños, and cilantro. You can even add chicken if you want to make a chicken noodle soup. Add a squeeze of lime to brighten up the flavours, and you’re good to go!

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