You’ve Been Ignoring How Easy Butter Chicken Can Be

Got a bit of time on your hands? Check out this simple, slow-cooked butter chicken recipe that’s sure to satisfy your craving for classic Indian cuisine.

April 8, 2019

An Indian Curry for Almost Everyone

Much of my love for Indian cuisine started with butter chicken. I think it’s safe to say this is true for many people in the U.S., where it’s like a gateway dish to other, more exotic South Asian food. So when I see a recipe like this one, which is accessible without skimping on flavor, I get eager to try it out at home. If you’re like me, and you’re into slow cooked meals, this is one you shouldn’t miss.

Breaking from Tradition

This isn’t your typical butter chicken recipe. It does away with the traditional tomato and onion-based sauce and, as a result, ends up with a milder color. However, it’s texture and flavor are on point, with Greek yogurt, heavy cream, and butter combining to create a thick sauce with a memorable mouth feel.

Cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper are some of the spices mixing with curry powder to create a flavor even butter chicken purists should appreciate. While this all might divert somewhat from tradition, it also makes it easier when shopping for ingredients.

Take it Slow

The slow cook method used here is one of the recipes most appealing points. It’s ingredients are pretty standard, truth be told, however delicious the results may be. But when those flavors have five hours to mingle and you know the chicken will come out soft and tender, it’s a whole other experience. Plus, all you have to do is spoon it over a bowl of rice and you’re ready to go. It really doesn’t get much better thank that!

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