Make ‘em Melt: Delight Your Friends with a Fondue Party

April 11th is National Fondue Day! Switch up your typical dinner party and throw a fondue party using our handy guide.

April 11, 2019

Be the Fancy Friend

Sure, you’ve been to dinner parties, and maybe even a creative game night, but when’s the last time you attended a fondue party?! I’m guessing never. Now’s your chance to host your friends for a unique evening of dipping delicacies into the hot liquid goodness of your choice.

Fondue parties are super memorable and are the perfect way to shine as a host. The preparation is very straightforward, and the activity for the night is the eating itself. Fondue-ing is interactive and sure to inspire plenty of laughs--you can even make a drinking game out of the inevitable faux pas of dropping tidbits of food into the pot. Whether you invite your friends to dress up for a fancy night, or come over in their coziest hygge-wear, your fondue party will surely be the hit of the week.

In general, we suggest 6 guests per pot of fondue to ensure everyone is able to dip at their leisure without having to throw any elbows at your fellow party-goers. If you have a longer guest list, you may need to invest in another fondue set.

You’ll need to decide the style you’d like to go for: Cheese, hot oil, chocolate, or all three for a full meal.


A fondue mixture of emmentaler and gruyère cheese is the classic combination. This style works well as the appetizer course. For cheese fondues, we suggest dipping an assortment of items such as bread, fruit, and soft pretzel bites. On its own, a cheese fondue is the perfect munchy to accompany cocktails before a night out on the town.

Hot Oil

Similar to the idea of hot pot, a hot oil fondue allows guests to interactively cook meat and vegetables all on their own. Canola oil is the most versatile cooking oil to use, but if you are going for a Mediterranean style meal, olive oil would work great as well. Chicken, pork, beef, fish, and vegetables are all great foods to cook in an oil fondue. With a little extra prep, you could also serve meatballs or breaded meat. We highly recommend providing your guests with a variety of sauces that they can mix together into personal ramekins. Oil fondue is best for a proper dinner party.


For an unforgettable dessert experience, use your fondue pot to warm up a decadent chocolate mixture. Important note: you cannot simply melt down chocolate chips--it won’t melt properly or maintain the right texture (see the end of this post for some recipe suggestions!) There are so many things that you can dip into a chocolate fondue including cake squares, fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, rice crispy treats, waffles, and cookies. Not only does this perfectly top off a 3-course fondue meal experience, on its own, chocolate fondue adds a fun element to a movie night or book club.

Serving Suggestions

There are a few tips to keep in mind for hosting your first fondue party:

  • Always wait until your guests arrive to heat your ingredients

  • For cheese fondue, you can rub a halved clove of garlic inside the pot before you put in cheese for a subtle garlicky flavor

  • You can also put beer in your cheese fondue!

  • As you explain the process of how to fondue properly, remind your guests to avoid eating directly from their skewer for proper double dipping etiquette

  • Embrace the kitsch-ness and throw on some Swiss music to honor the birthplace of fondue

  • And of course, all three types of fondue pair great with beverages! We suggest wine, beer, or cider.

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