These 5 Egg Facts Might Just Shock You!

Eggs are pretty cool and probably one of the most versatile ingredients. Crack on with these cool little egg facts.

April 15, 2019

Egg-cited for Eggs

For nearly all of human history, eggs have been a central part of diets and cultures worldwide. This doesn’t just include chicken eggs, of course; from hen to duck to quail eggs, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Today, eggs are a staple in fridges everywhere and one of the healthiest and most versatile ingredients to work with. Get to know this essential food item better with these 5 surprising facts.

Not “Yolking” Around!

Did you know that the 100 pleats in a chef’s hat are said to represent the 100 different ways to cook an egg? From a simple morning meal to a binding agent in baked goods to a garnish, eggs are perhaps one of the world’s most versatile ingredients. They can be the shining star in your dish or take an invisible supporting role in a dessert or a sauce.

Beyond Protein

As any athlete or bodybuilder will tell you, eggs are an awesome protein source for maintaining or building muscle mass. Egg whites are known to be packed with high-quality protein while the yolk carries both protein and healthy fats. What you might not know is that eggs are also a terrific way to get essential vitamins (like Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin E among others) and antioxidants in. In other words, your immune system, eyes, bones and muscles are pretty thankful for eggs.

Here’s How to Test if Your Egg is Still Fresh

Not sure if those eggs that have been sitting in your fridge are still good for that omelet you were planning on cooking? Here’s an “over easy” way to verify their freshness! Just pop your egg into a glass of water and test its buoyancy. Old eggs tend to float, so it would be better to toss them out, but if they sink to the bottom they are still good to eat.

An Eggs-pensive Dish


One of the reasons why eggs are such an ubiquitous part of the culinary world is that they are an accessible and relatively low-cost food source. One restaurant in Manhattan, however, has taken the egg to the next level by creating one of the world’s most expensive dishes. Priced at a whopping $2000, the record-breaking “Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata” uses 6 eggs, a whole lobster, and heaps of fine caviar. Go big or go home, right?

A Hard-Boiled Hack

As eggs get older, the air cells in their shell expand and the whites shrink, creating more space between the shell and the egg inside. These make them so much easier to peel than fresh eggs. So, if you’re feeling a hard-boiled egg, it is much more convenient to cook older eggs than fresh ones. The recommended age for the easiest peel is around one week!

Get Cracking

Take your new knowledge of eggs into the kitchen with these diverse recipes that put eggs in the spotlight!

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