Let's Celebrate With Pancakes

There's no time like the present to enjoy a stack of pancakes. Whether you want to eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these come together so quickly!

April 18, 2019

No One Stacks Up To You

Pancakes are a family favorite. These are two of the best homemade pancake recipes to have in your back pocket and whip up on a day when you're craving something sweet and nostalgic.

One Bowl Magic

One-Bowl Buttermilk Pancakes

Alexandra's Kitchen

Don't make a big mess in your kitchen! Instead, keep it simple with this one bowl recipe for the fluffiest of pancakes. The best part is that the batter makes enough for a ton of pancakes and stores just fine in the fridge.

Vegans Have Fun Too

Carrot Cake Pancakes

I Love Vegan

Don't believe there's such a thing as a great vegan pancake? Think again! This carrot cake inspired recipe uses shredded carrot, coconut, spices and raisins (I swap them for chocolate chips!), taking all of the best parts of carrot cake and speeding it up into pancake form. You'll never want normal pancakes again after trying these.

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