You’ll Never Guess What’s in this Chocolate Loaf

Satisfying that sweet tooth while also getting in your daily dose of veggies is what balance is all about!

April 24, 2019

Fall in Loaf with Zucchini

Putting vegetables into baked goods might sound strange at first, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! (Think carrot cake!) Say goodbye to guilt and get your chocolate fix in with this loaf that is loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips and shredded zucchini. It’s moist and not too sweet, making this the perfect light and healthy snack.

Guilt-Free Chocolatey Goodness

Whether you're looking for creative ways to eat more veggies (or to get picky little ones to eat theirs), this baked loaf is definitely the answer. Greek yogurt works so well with the shredded zucchini here to keep the loaf wonderfully moist, and the chocolate chips hit just the right levels of sweetness without going overboard. The sprinkling of kosher salt on top is just the perfect finisher, doing wonders to further enhancing all the flavours.

You can easily divide the loaf into separate slices to be enjoyed at your leisure, whether for an afternoon snack or a light dessert in the evening. These are also perfect as a to-go bite for the kids, and can be easily stored into a lunch box. However you choose to enjoy it, this loaf is the perfect way to eat healthy without having to give up the sweets.

Time to Stop Loafing Around

Incorporate this versatile veggie into your baked goods next time by giving this recipe a try!

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