Taking the Bite Out of Raw Onions

Soften the sharp, strong taste of raw onion with these tricks!

April 23, 2019

That’s Shallot of Bite

Onions might commonly be known as the humble root vegetable that can reduce anyone to tears just by cutting into them. Another feeling that is just as common is onion breath. No matter how many mints you’ve downed, or how hard you've brushed your teeth, that acrid taste seems to be lodged semi-permanently in your mouth. Fix your love-hate relationship with onions this week with these easy tips that'll help tame the flame!

Soak ‘em

The main cause of onion’s strong, biting taste is the sulphur compounds, which a quick bath will effectively soften by drawing out the compounds and their heat. Just soak the onion after slicing it in a bowl of water for 10 minutes before draining and topping them on your salads. Make sure your water is cold so the onion will retain its crunch!

Salt ‘em

Another effective raw onion hack is to coat your cut onions in a helping of salt to draw out the moisture and with it, its harsh and biting taste. Try this trick only if you’d prefer to also lose the crunch that water-soaking will retain. Just cover your slices in a few pinches of salt for 10-15 minutes and wipe the salt off or incorporate them in your sandwich or wrap.

Now Try ‘em Out

Don’t let the harsh taste of raw onion in your dip or salad keep you away from using them. Try these tricks out now!

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