This Pesto Chicken Recipe Will Blow Your Mind

Looking for a versatile, flavorful dish with a satisfying crunch? These breaded chicken cutlets will do the trick.

May 8, 2019

A Simple, Satisfying Meal for Everyone

There are few quick-to-cook recipes out there that are as satisfying as the breaded chicken cutlet. Since each piece of chicken is pounded until thin, they’re tender and cooked before they have any chance of drying out. Who wouldn’t want a juicy piece of protein in their weeknight rotation? The added pesto topping gives a boost of fresh flavor even the pickiest eater can get behind.

“I’d never made homemade pesto before and will never go back”

There are many recipes out there - from pastas to fried fish - that use pesto sauce to get brilliant results. Let’s be honest, though. Most of us will just pick up a jar of the stuff and call it a day. This recipe asks for more, though, and we’ll all be better off for following through with it.

Homemade pesto is key. The fresh basil, crunchy pine nuts, and zingy garlic come together with quality olive oil for a taste you just can’t get from the jarred variety. And it’s a lot quicker to make than you might think. Trust us when we tell you that it will be hard to go back once you make your first homemade batch.

Switch Up Your Finished Dish Every Week

While flavor and ease are key reasons this recipe really works, the finished product can also be dressed up in lots of different ways. Top a plate of pasta or a simple spring greens salad and you have two very different meals. Make a sandwich out of it or add it to a brown rice bowl. Plus, you can make a bigger batch of pesto that freezes beautifully in a mason jar, as suggested by the recipe writer herself.

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