You’ve Never Had Breakfast for Dinner Like This Before

Why limit yourself to only having the most important meal of the day in the morning? These burritos can be enjoyed day or night for a fun little switch-up in the kitchen.

May 9, 2019

Taking Breakfast to the Dinner Table

Let’s not burrito ‘round the bush here: there’s something about rolled-up foods that we all just absolutely love. Think cute little spring rolls, or a loaded shawarma that might be a hot mess but is totally worth it.

Breakfast burritos are also definitely up there in the list of best wrapped foods, providing a nutritious and delicious handheld meal that is super easy to bring on the go. With breakfast for dinner changing up the food game, upgrade your next dinner with these breakfast burritos that are specially made for a cozy, yet creative, evening meal.

Wrap Up Your Day with this Burrito

Trying to keep it interesting in the kitchen with a new, not-so-traditional dish but also don’t want to spend too much time prepping? Look no further than these super-healthy burritos that take under half an hour to make! Load up your sweet potatoes and veggies all onto a single pan, heat them up with your proteins then wrap away in a warm tortilla!

Even better, this can easily be tailored to vegans and vegetarians; just swap out the eggs and/or turkey for something plant-based like a tofu scramble. Or, if you just want to to spice things up, drizzle some of your favourite hot sauce on top. What makes this breakfast burrito sure to be an all-around favourite is the fact that despite its unconventional twist, you can also tailor it to suit your own tastes and really make it your own.

Take it for a “Roll”

Skip going for the bacon (again) the next time you crave some breakfast food for dinner and go for this super-duper-simple burrito instead. You’ll minimize the time in the kitchen and cleanup. Plus, you can never go wrong with a healthy handheld on a weeknight.

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