WTF is a “Melange?”

We’re here to demystify all those weird terms you hear thrown around a kitchen. Let’s take a look into the “melange.”

Kiley at SideChef
May 27, 2019

Say, What?

For Easter brunch, my aunt asked me to bring a lightly dressed lettuce melange and I’ll be honest, I had no idea what she was talking about. After some research and the creation of an auntie-approved dish, I’m here to bring you all the info you need to be ready next time someone mentions a “melange.”

Can I Have the Definition, Please?

A melange (māˈlänj) is actually a very simple concept. It means--a mixture! Basically, it’s what I eat for lunch everyday when I throw together the various raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, nuts, beans, cheeses, and proteins I have lying around my kitchen.

Though my instinct was to create a similar such concoction, my brunch assignment was a “lettuce melange” which actually just meant mixed greens. So simple! Of course, I went big on the dressing to show off my skills in some form…

Try a Melange at Home

Now that you’re in the know, try out a melange for yourself. Here are two recipes that utilize a lettuce melange as a base to get you started!

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