So Where Do Our Cravings Come From, Anyway?

Ever wondered what’s really nudging you towards your trusty snack stash, or sending you on a hunt for that junk food you suddenly need? Here are a couple of reasons why that might be.

May 24, 2019

Calling Out Cravings

We’ve all been there: when that urge to demolish a mountain of carbs or a stack of sweets hits, it can be really, really hard to resist. What you’re in the mood for when the cravings hit can actually tell you a lot about what might be going on with your body. Below are some explanations for some of the most common cravings that can send you throwing your convictions out the window, and what you can do about them.

Salty Snacking

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly reaching for the nearest bag of chips, or feeling like you absolutely need to get your hands on a large order of fries? Cravings for foods loaded with sodium usually means that you’re running low on water. Since salt plays a pretty big role in water retention in our bodies, it’s a no-brainer that your body will long for the stuff if you’re dehydrated. Instead of hitting send on that order for the saltiest foods you know, recharge with some H2O and see if it curbs your craving.

Desiring Dessert?

Sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere, those sweets on your counter will be calling your name. This can mean a few different things, depending on what sugary food you’re craving. If you feel like you need to get as much chocolate into your system as possible, it’s probably a sign of a magnesium deficiency (which might sound serious, but is pretty common and nothing to worry about!), frequently seen among avid gym-goers since the nutrient helps create energy in the body. Indulge yourself if you’re craving it, but with higher-quality, dark chocolate that is rich in the nutrients that your body needs. Similarly, craving most other sugary substances means that your body needs some more energy. Instead of stuffing yourself with doughnuts and cakes, reach for a piece of fruit instead as a healthier alternative that can also do the trick!

Late Night Munchies

That longing for some snacks keeping you up late at night? If you’ve been foraging through your fridge way past bedtime, your body is probably more in need of some good ol’ rest than a tub of ice cream. Stress and anxiety eating are real things, and pretty common reasons that send us straight to the kitchen in the middle of the night even though you might not be hungry. It might also have something to do with our biological clocks increasing the desire for sugar and starch late at night. Try skipping the late-night Netflix binge and going to bed earlier to refuel your body with more sleep.

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