Freezer-Friendly Dinners to Feed Yourself This Week

Take the stress out of your meals this week with these freezer-friendly recipes that are quick and easy to make. They make amazing leftovers as well, trust us!

June 3, 2019

Get Familiar With Your Freezer

When it comes to saving time and money, especially during those hectic weeks when the last thing you want is to spend time putting together a good meal, the freezer is definitely the most important part of your kitchen. So take it easier in the kitchen (and on your wallet!) this week with this meal plan of weeknight meals that all hold up well in your freezer and only take under an hour to put together!

Monday: Superfood Baked Salmon

Super Food Baked Salmon

Cotter Crunch

Indulged yourself a little too much over the weekend? This healthy baked salmon is a “super” way to kick things off with a fresh start. Best part about this recipe is you only need a sheet pan to throw it all together, salmon with side veggies and all! You can store them in your freezer in resealable bags, or save a few of the leftovers for another day.

Tuesday: Blueberry Stuffed Chicken

Blueberry Stuffed Chicken

Live Eat Learn

Looking for another way to include extra blueberries from last night? Stuff them with some goat cheese inside a tender chicken breast for tonight’s dinner. They’re so simple to make and stow away in your freezer, yet come out looking really fancy. Pair with rice, a simple salad or any leftover brussels sprouts from last night.

Wednesday: Salmon Fried Rice

Quick Salmon Fried Rice


Grab some of Monday’s leftover salmon to whip up some delicious fried rice in only 15 minutes to finish off your hump day. Leftover rice works best here, so if you have some now would be a great time to use them! You won’t miss the takeout, trust us.

Thursday: Stewed Lentils

Stewed Lentils


Enjoy a cozy night in with this one-pot stew that only takes 40 minutes to make, minimizing prep and cleanup so you can get food on the table in no time! The pumpkin here is so tender, and work amazingly well with the lentils for a hearty meat- and fuss-free meal.

Friday: Goat Cheese Sun-Dried Pasta

Goat Cheese & Sun-dried Tomato Penne

Food Guru

Fri-yay calls for none other than some comforting, cheesy goodness on a plate. Any leftover goat cheese from earlier this week will come in super handy, and if you have time you can make your own sun-dried tomatoes with extra tomatoes and olive oil too! The best part is, it makes for delicious leftovers as well. Just make sure to freeze your pasta and sauce separately if you’re planning on saving some for another day.

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