These Pancakes are Vegan Campfire Goodness

It’s about time to properly treat yourself for camping season. Now you can have your cake and eat plant-based too with these delicious pancakes.

June 4, 2019

Campfire Cravings

This might just be one of the most fun and creative pancake recipes you will ever come across, and perfect if you want to treat yourself for breakfast. Loaded with vegan marshmallows, buttermilk, and hazelnut butter, this will definitely transport you a cozy campfire right from your dining table.

Stack ‘Em High

These pancakes are perfect for any occasion, whether you want to impress some friends at a homemade brunch, just wake up craving something sweet, or want to prepare a special treat for the kids. Best of all, it takes under half an hour to put together. Just prep your batter, heat up the griddle or pan, and then pile your plate high with layers of pancakes, marshmallows, and hazelnut spread! Your friends and family definitely won’t miss the non-vegan versions, and you’ll be ditching those s’mores kits at the store for these.

Homemade vegan buttermilk adds a heavenly fluffiness to your pancakes, and combines so well with the melted marshmallows for that added goodness that we all love about s’mores. Hazelnut spread adds the smooth chocolate flavours that are a must-have in this traditional campfire treat, and melt together with the marshmallows in your mouth. Put your marshmallows under your broiler if you want that extra, toasted-marshmallow touch to finish it off, but be careful to make sure that they don’t burn!

Get Your Griddle On

Want to feed your campfire cravings or just upgrade your pancakes to a whole new level? These pancakes are definitely the answer. Go on and give this recipe a shot, and make sure to pile your pancakes as high as you can! These will definitely take you back to those good ol’ summer days when your only worry was getting your marshmallows toasted just right by the fire. These pancakes will do just the trick, no tents required.

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