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Why SideChef Will Help You Win?

Brand placement for our 18,000+ recipes with your product. This means defaulting your brand as the ingredient and at the point of sale, making your brand the one that is added to the customer's cart.




2 iphones, one is on an ingredients shopping cart page and the other is on a recipe search page

Product Placement Within the SideChef Ecosystem


We provide brands with high-impact ad units to advertise products right before checkout.

Substitute branded products within SideChef’s recipes and become the preferred product at checkout for specific categories.

Sponsored Recipes


Leverage SideChef's network of properties for brand logo exposure.

Reach home cooks across SideChef’s platform with branded recipe content.

2 iphones, both on different recipe pages
4 devices: iphone, ipad, a mini ipad, and a tablet. All are on different recipes pages

Multi-Channel Recipe Distribution


The SideChef ecosystem publishes recipes to smart assistants, smart kitchen appliances, and our app and website, reaching over 11 million users.

Our 360° Approach to Helping Our Partners

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Cooking Experience Platform

Enable quick and easy integration of SideChef features into your app and website.
Shopping cart


Drive product add-to-cart conversion through bespoke landing pages.
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Growth Marketing

Target the right audiences and drive users through your purchase funnel effectively and efficiently.
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Content Creation

Increase engagement with high-quality content tailored for all channels.
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Advertise With Us

Sponsor native advertising on our website, app, and smart hub ecosystem.
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