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Why SideChef Will Help You Win?

We can create and distribute content that highlights how to use your product. With our influencer marketing and funnel optimization experiments, you can ensure our data-driven approach will lead to results.

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User Research


We take research very seriously. Our research first approach dictates everything we do when it comes to Growth Marketing campaigns. At the start of every project we conduct quantitative and qualitative research which guides us in our strategic thinking.

Audience and Message Testing


Talking to the right people, at the right time, with the right message is most important to us.

Our content distribution can target specific messaging based on user preferences and purchasing behavior, offering you many options to target specific customers with clear messaging.

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Amplification and Funnel Optimizations


Ensuring the right message is being seen by the audience and tailoring their entrance point from that experience.


To be better than the rest, we have to create multiple funnels that are personalized and direct, so your audience is going through the proper funnel optimized for each customer.

Influencer Marketing


We have partnered with over 300 culinary influencers and chefs to offer a variety of recipes and social content that we use across all of our platforms (web, social and app) to help promote your brand. 

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Our 360° Approach to Helping Our Partners

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Cooking Experience Platform

Enable quick and easy integration of SideChef features into your app and website.
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Drive product add-to-cart conversion through bespoke landing pages.
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Growth Marketing

Target the right audiences and drive users through your purchase funnel effectively and efficiently.
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Content Creation

Increase engagement with high-quality content tailored for all channels.
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Advertise With Us

Sponsor native advertising on our website, app, and smart hub ecosystem.
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