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SideChef has something for everyone

“SideChef is a great tool to find new and inspiring dishes. I consider myself an advanced home chef (that means I’d be washing dishes in a real kitchen). However, SideChef never fails to provide new and fun ideas. Whether I’m browsing the feed on the home page, searching for specific ingredients or following my favorite members I am always impressed with the content and quality of the recipes. The excellence of the pictures and step-by-step instructions can make even the newest kitchen newbie an expert in no time.”

Ben Jackson

“If you love cooking or even like it a little, are a skilled cook or can barely boil water, you will enjoy using SideChef. In my opinion, it is by far the best cooking app I have used. One of my favorites is their Explore Points with helpful and fun cooking facts, tips and inspiration. You can even email yourself a shopping list.”

Rachelle Booth

“SideChef takes the crown for best Food app. Not only does it have a ton of recipes, but the step by step videos that accompany recipes, and even the built in cooking timers are just LEGIT. This is an app built by people who CLEARLY love food, and who have excellent palates, but even more so… There is a dash of internationalism and creativity that goes into the recipes because so many of them are original and very much outside the box. I love this app, and recommend it wholeheartedly.”

Jacob Flowers

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Our Story

First came love, then came a Valentine’s Day dinner—or what should have been one.

Kevin Yu started SideChef because he wasn’t able to make his girlfriend a delicious (or ahem, even edible) dinner when he wanted to with the tools presently available to him. Realizing if he had a way to cook, or a GPS type cooking companion (an app, perhaps?) that showed him not only the recipe, but also how to mince the garlic, reminded him to set those timers and visually gave him the confidence and know-how to put together a complete dish (plating included) all in one place, that Valentine’s Day dinner (and perhaps life as he knows it) would have been oh so different.

Original SideChef Team, circa 2014

Original SideChef Team, circa 2014

Kevin with his signature spinach artichoke dip

Kevin with his signature spinach artichoke dip and if you couldn’t guess—the recipe is on the app.

Today, three years after that fateful dinner, we work hard every day to make SideChef the ultimate cooking companion and the best way to cook for anyone and everyone, no matter your skill level or cooking desires. If you want to make it and it’s on SideChef, consider it yours for the making. For a recipe to be eligible to be on the app it has to have step-by-step photos. From there, we include our foundational cooking technique instructional videos, timers and tips from the recipe creator and community.  All of these features work together towards the goal of helping each other cook better, together. 

From the food bloggers whose recipes are on the app, to our dev team, to the user that just joined a minute ago–we are all united through SideChef by our passion for great food, and cooking and cooking great food! We believe, cooking great food for ourselves and the ones we love is one of the keys to a life better lived. 

Kevin remains the ultimate SideChef success story. He is most proud that he knows how to make an egg just about every way now. 

Follow his culinary adventures on Instagram at @kevinyuarts.

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