Recipe Approval

Recipe Approval Requirements

Anyone with a user account may upload a recipe on SideChef. The recipe then gets entered into a queue, and the SideChef team reviews it for approval.

Basic Requirements

  1. The recipe tool will not allow you to upload a recipe without: ingredients, ingredient amounts, multiple steps, number of servings, cooking time, photos, and a title that does not have punctuation.
  2. At least half of the steps must have photos, and they must reflect the action in the step.
  3. Your recipe must produce something edible.
  4. Your title must be specific and descriptive (not “food” but “banana pancakes”).
  5. The photos must be of reasonable size/quality, and produced by the recipe creator.
  6. For steps with timed action, you must set appropriate timers.
  7. Your recipe must contain original content or properly cite its source, and we reserve the right to remove any content that is plagiarized. 
  8. While categories are subjective, your labels must not be misleading.
  9. We expect reasonable spelling and grammar.
  10. Each step must spell out all ingredients used, and not refer to them as a group (“Add the ingredients for the sauce”, should be “Add peanut oil, ginger, soy sauce, and garlic…”) as the user does not have that distinction while on a specific step.
  11. If the recipe involves the oven, give advance notice to preheat the oven.

If a recipe does not meet these requirements, we will notify the creator that we are not able to approve the recipe yet. They may edit the recipe and resubmit it.

Recipes will immediately be rejected if they contain graphic images and/or text.

Uploading Tips

  1. Add dish characteristics—this helps users find your recipe.
  2. Tag your ingredients. Your recipe will come up in search results for that ingredient.
  3. Be very specific with your directions (e.g. if you use a mixer, what speed should it be set at? Should the burner be set to low heat or high heat?)
  4. Keep your steps short and concise.
  5. Photos can communicate a huge amount of info, like what size to chop things, or how brown onions should be before you move on to the next step. Think about this as you take your photos! 
  6. Storage and serving instructions are helpful at the end.
  7. SideChef highly recommends that you test out the recipe using your measurements before uploading it to make sure they are accurate.
  8. Please be specific about your ingredients. If they do not appear in the drop down menu, simply type them in and we’ll add them to our database!
  9. Try to be very specific about pan size. (e.g. indicate a large skillet, or a 9×13 inch cake pan.)