South Indian Steamed Semolina Cakes (Rava Idli)

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Rawa idli is a variation of the popular South Indian breakfast item, idli, made with rawa (semolina) or sooji. It is one of the simplest Idli recipes that does not require labor in grinding and hours of soaking and fermentation. In fact, this Idli recipe can be made from scratch. Healthy and diabetic friendly, you can also variate the recipe by adding grated carrots, beetroot etc to make it even more filling.

Spoon Fork and Food

Serves 12

14 Ingredients

1 cup Semolina Flour

1/2 cup Thick Curd

3/4 tsp Baking Soda

1 tsp Frying Oil

1 tsp Mustard Seed

2 Tbsp Bengal Gram

2 Dry Red Chilies

1/2 tsp Asafoetida

2 sprig Curry Leaves

1 Tbsp Coriander

1/2 in Ginger

1 tsp Ghee

1/2 tsp Granulated Sugar

to taste Salt

11 Steps

Steps 1

Collect all the ingredients on the kitchen counter before you start making the Idlis.

Steps 2

Heat a non-stick pan and dry roast the Semolina Flour until golden. Collect in a bowl and keep aside to cool.

Steps 3

In the same pan, heat the Frying Oil and add Mustard Seed, broken Dry Red Chilies, Asafoetida and Curry Leaves and wait till they splutter/crackle.

Steps 4

Now add Bengal Gram and roast until golden. Collect and keep aside.

Steps 5

Whisk Thick Curd and add in roasted semolina with the tempering. Combine to make a thick batter.

Steps 6

Set aside for 30 minutes so that the semolina soaks and softens.

Steps 7

Now add Baking Soda, Ginger, Coriander, Granulated Sugar, and Salt. Add little water and combine to make a flowing batter. I also added Ghee to get rustic flavor and aroma.

Steps 8

Take an Idli maker stand and grease the sections with oil.

Steps 9

Pour the batter onto each section and steam the Idlis in a steamer for 12-15 minutes.

Steps 10

Turn off the gas and let the Idli rest for 5 minutes before you take them off from the stand.

Steps 11

Now carefully take out the Idlis by running a knife on sides. Plate the hot and fluffy Rawa Idlis in a plate and serve hot with green chili and coconut chutney.