>  BACARDÍ® Dark Rum


BACARDI Dark Rum is the perfect aged rum that you can casually sip or mix into any number of cocktails. This medium-bodied BACARDI dark rum is mellowed in heavily charred oak barrels, lightly filtered, and shaped through a secret blend of charcoals to retain its distinct taste, color, and aroma. This gluten-free BACARDI rum imparts toasted nutty aromatic notes with tropical fruit and molasses flavors and a smoky finish. When you are out with your friends enjoying the moment, use this rum liquor as a mixer in any number of cocktails or alcohol drinks such as a Rum and Cola, Tormenta Negra or Rum Punch.
Tasting Notes
BACARDÍ® Dark Rum has bold flavors of oak, orange peel and sweet molasses. Its flavor pairs superbly with intensely-flavored mixers for magical and rewarding dark rum cocktail experiences.
ABV / Proof
40% / 80