>  BACARDÍ® Superior Rum

BACARDÍ® Superior Rum

BACARDÍ® Superior is the original white rum, first made in 1862 by Don Facundo Massó. It is a mix of heavy-bodied and drier light-bodied rums aged separately in American oak barrels for on average 12-24 months. These barrels are used to develop the light vanilla and almond notes in the rum whilst proprietary charcoal filtration shapes the flavor to remove the dominant oaky notes and color. It is a light-tasting and aromatic rum that acts as a perfect base for mixing rum cocktails. Best enjoyed in a Mojito, Daiquiri or over ice with any mixer of choice.
Tasting Notes
A light tasting and aromatic rum with floral notes of orange blossom, lavender and rose. The fruity notes of apricot, lime, light coconut and ripe banana are supported by hints of almond. The finish is dry, crisp and very clean.
ABV / Proof
40% / 80
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