The all-in-one meal planning, grocery, and cooking platform expands its online grocery retail partners in Europe.
May 15, 2024

SAN JOSE, CA, MAY 14, 2024—SideChef, the multi-platform cooking and grocery tech company, adds Amazon Fresh as a retailer grocery partner in the United Kingdom and Germany. This marks the first delivery party for SideChef in the region.

“With over 3 million online shoppable recipe orders sent out to online retailers in the US, we’re very excited to expand this offering to our UK & German users, giving them the ability to instantly shop entire recipe ingredient lists through our partnership with Amazon Fresh.” Says Kevin Yu, CEO of SideChef.

SideChef users can browse thousands of original recipes curated to personal dietary preferences, shop recipes in one-click—with every necessary ingredient added to cart—delivered to door via grocery partners. 

SideChef currently has over 325,000 users in the UK and Germany. Users can access Amazon Fresh delivery via the SideChef app as well as the web platform. 

About SideChef

Founded in 2013, SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking and online grocery platform. The award-winning app provides over 20,000 interactive shoppable recipes with dynamic audio and visual guidance. SideChef’s key features include hands-free voice commands, step-by-step photos, how-to videos, built-in timers, one-click shoppable recipes, and curbside pick-up or grocery delivery through its partners. SideChef provides a seamless shopping and cooking experience at any level of expertise in order to simplify household chores and make time for meaningful moments in life while solving the daily “What’s for dinner?” question. 

SideChef partners with the world's largest retailers, publishers, home-hubs, consumer brands, and kitchen appliance companies such as Walmart, Amazon, Google, and more. As a marketing partner, SideChef builds technology tools to integrate step-by-step cooking experiences, AI solutions, shopability, and content creation for brands.   

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