SideChef Launches Cost-Per-Order Shopping Campaign For Farmhouse Eggs
SideChef’s shoppable recipe tech provides precise audience targeting to optimize online grocery sales and track shopping preferences
June 4, 2024

SAN JOSE, CA, JUNE 4, 2024—SideChef, the multi-platform cooking and grocery tech company, launches a cost-per-order (CPO) marketing campaign with FARMHOUSE EGGS. The campaign is fueled by SideChef’s robust data and insights, in order to ensure precise audience targeting at optimal moments. SideChef’s advanced targeting capabilities optimize the campaign to achieve measurable results, including online and offline incremental sales studies, therefore building a cost-effective strategy for driving sales.

From Farmhouse Eggs:

“We wanted to break a few eggs by winning in shoppable recipe content. To help get FARMHOUSE EGGS in more than just a few consumer baskets, we Partnered with SideChef to allow us to reach new audiences, find relevant recipe moments, and gain

insights on consumer shopping behavior." – Matt Seubert (Director, Digital Marketing)

When users search for and purchase recipes using eggs, Farmhouse Eggs products will be featured and added to cart. SideChef’s network of retailers fulfill the order and deliver groceries to door (or available for pick-up). 

A sampling of original recipes available on Sidechef that integrate Farmhouse Eggs includes Cheddar Cheese Muffins, Spinach & Egg Breakfast Toast, Cajun Macaroni Salad, Sheet Pan Eggs, and French Toast Muffins.

Initial results of the campaign show a positive sales lift, outperforming the typical 3.1% benchmark for dairy, eggs, and cheese. 

About SideChef

Founded in 2013, SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking and online grocery platform. The award-winning app provides over 20,000 interactive shoppable recipes with dynamic audio and visual guidance. SideChef’s key features include hands-free voice commands, step-by-step photos, how-to videos, built-in timers, one-click shoppable recipes, and curbside pick-up or grocery delivery through its partners. SideChef provides a seamless shopping and cooking experience at any level of expertise in order to simplify household chores and make time for meaningful moments in life while solving the daily “What’s for dinner?” question. 

SideChef partners with the world's largest retailers, publishers, home-hubs, consumer brands, and kitchen appliance companies such as Walmart, Amazon, Google, and more. As a marketing partner, SideChef builds technology tools to integrate step-by-step cooking experiences, AI solutions, shopability, and content creation for brands.   

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About Farmhouse Eggs

FARMHOUSE EGGS®, a leading US egg brand, come from cage-free hens fed a wholesome diet of grains and fresh drinking water. FARMHOUSE Cage Free hens can perch, scratch and nest wherever they choose, in a protected environment that is free of predators. The result is a great-tasting brown egg with a plump yolk, firm white and thick shell. For all these reasons, FARMHOUSE EGGS® are wholesome, great tasting, and enjoyed by so many to make their favorite recipes.