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Affordable Meals To Choose From
Sit back and relax with our variety of affordable meals that stay within your budget.
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Got onions at home? Don't need cilantro? Select only what you need.
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Why Is SideChef So Much Cheaper Than Other Meal Kits?
*Cost of Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Dinnerly, HomeChef, and Marley Spoon. Based on 4 meals, 4 servings
Why Is SideChef So Much Cheaper Than Other Meal Kits?
We're proud to say SideChef is the only meal delivery service where you pay the exact same price for your ingredients as you do in-store.

This is possible because we partner with local grocery stores to deliver ingredients to your door. That means, no fees on top of your grocery bill, and no extra costs for shipping or packaging. Get ready to start saving!
Take Control Of Your Weekly Meals
Affordable, great-tasting meals are just a click away.
I'm so obsessed with SideChef. It's perfect to add variety and keep things easy and affordable with the Walmart integration.
I am falling in love with SideChef! They make it so easy to stay on budget by giving the calculated cost of shopping for each recipe. The selection of recipes is fantastic too!
I absolutely LOVE SideChef. I can't believe I haven't heard about this. This will make mealtime so much easier.

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How does SideChef's Meal Delivery work?

Our meal delivery service allows you to save time while staying within your budget. It has the ease of traditional meal kits, without the high prices. We hand-pick affordable recipes for you to shop and cook every week. You only buy ingredients you need, giving you full flexibility!

First, you tell us your preferred price per serving, amount of meals and serving size. You'll choose from 20 delicious weekly recipes carefully selected by our editorial team. Then, you can complete your grocery purchase through your preferred grocer. Your recipes are saved in your profile, easily accessible for cooking or repurchasing!

How much does SideChef's Meal Delivery cost?

We handpicked meals for you that are under $2.00 per serving, under $3.00 per serving or under $4.00 per serving.

The cost per serving is an indication, calculated by combining the average cost of each ingredient and the amount of each ingredient used, based on a serving size of four. For example, a recipe asks for 3 eggs (30%). Your store has a pack of 12 eggs available for $3.10. The cost of eggs in your recipe is therefore $0.77, which accounts for $0.19 per serving.

Your actual grocery bill will depend on items available in your selected grocery store and the ingredients you need. For most meals we estimate you'll end up paying $4-5 per meal. For ingredients for 4 meals for 4 people, you can expect a grocery bill in the range of $60-80.

Why is SideChef so much cheaper than a meal kit?

SideChef will not charge you for high shopping costs as we partner with local stores for ingredient delivery. We also don't burden you with all the unnecessary packing of pre-set meal boxes.

SideChef believes you should never pay more than what you pay in store. We're proud to say we're the only meal delivery service without any additional fees! You pay the exact same price for your ingredients as you would when shopping at your local grocer.

Try for yourself and compare: traditional meal kits cost $6-8 per serving, resulting in a weekly subscription cost of $140-170 for 4 meals for 4 people. The same ingredients are available through SideChef for half the price. Even better: due to the standard packaging sizes you'll even have a bunch of leftovers ingredients and pantry items that you can re-use the following week.

Is a subscription required?

No! Unlike other meal delivery services, SideChef does not require you to commit to a weeky subscription. You are free to make use of it any time you want.

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