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The SideChef platform connects brands, grocers, publishers and consumers across multiple channels and devices. We help our partners increase market share by making it easy to embed any or all of our home cooking and shopping tools into your apps, sites, marketing channels and devices.

Solutions Along The Cooking Journey

Find Customer Insights 

Refine your strategy by learning how consumers are interacting with your recipes and products. Our deep integrations with brands along every step of the cooking journey unlocks more customer insights.

Unlock Omnichannel Solutions

With our Smart Home and social media eCommerce integrations, you can increase brand reach by being where your customers are and offer them opportunities to purchase.

Shoppable-First Content

Native advertising paired with engaging content leads to a new revenue stream for your brand. SideChef can convert your existing content or help you produce content in our in-house studio.

Why an Embedded App?

Give your customers access to a shoppable recipe portal that looks and feel like they never left your platform.

Your Resources are Limited - Your business doesn’t have the bandwidth to build a recipe and IoT integration from scratch.

Test and Learn - Your business wants to quickly test the market interest for recipes and shoppability.

Continuous Iteration - Your business wants the ability to quickly scale up from MVP.

Frictionless User Experience - Your business already has an app or website and wants a seamless integration.

Integration - How It Works?

You are responsible for opening a webview with the URL of the SideChef embedded app from within your app. To support an authenticated user flow, which will allow for the user to save recipes into cookbooks and create a meal plan, the calling host app will post a JSON payload when opening the webview and the payload will include at minimum a user id, timestamp, and signature. The signature is generated from a shared secret. We advise that this generation is done on the server side to protect the secret. The response to the POST will set the authentication cookie to the webview, essentially logging in the user. All the parent app is doing is logging in to our SideChef website. Because we don't have a password for the user, we let the partner host app pass in the signature which acts as the password to authenticate the user. Overall, the app is simply opening a webpage.

Custom Integration Options

Each partner is different, our engineering team will work with the partner’s engineering team to understand the partner’s architecture. Server side or client side integrations are both possible for a variety of use cases Appliance integration Grocery Integration Smart recipe integration

Example Features and Use Cases

Consumers get access to 20,000 shoppable recipes on the SideChef Platform.

Personalization - Your customer recipes personalized for their diet, allergies, and preferences.

Smart Kitchen - IoT and appliance connection with your recipes.

Convert to Smart Recipes - Using our propriatary machine learning algorithm for ingredient to product SKU mapping.

eCommerce - Add a path to purchase to your app or website with our shoppable technology.

Meal Planning - Add personalized meal planning tools and curated content.

Recipe Discovery - Build a recipe hub with one-click saving for high engagement

The SideChef Experience

Our award-winning platform seamlessly connects every step of the home-cooking journey. It’s the end-to-end solution for busy home cooks.

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