Forward Fooding ranked 500 of the top global entrepreneurial talent at the intersection of food, technology, and sustainability

San Francisco, February 7, 2020 -- SideChef, the all-in-one home cooking platform, was ranked 35th on Forward Fooding’s list of the 500 most innovative companies in food technology. In an effort to showcase the global success stories at the cutting edge of innovation in food technology, Forward Fooding utilized their Data Navigator algorithm to rank companies based on business size, digital footprint, and sustainability.

Recognized as a company exploring how technology can be leveraged to improve efficiency and sustainability in designing, producing, choosing, delivering & enjoying food, SideChef underwent an analysis based on company information to determine its overall score and consequential ranking. SideChef scored highest for its digital footprint, which is an indicator predicting growth based upon SideChef’s digital presence, social media performance, and visibility on the web. This is a testament of SideChef’s growing social presence, deepening of online culinary communities, and more user friendly website redesign.

Additionally, SideChef scored highly in the “business size” score. This analyzes SideChef’s impact in terms of financial indicators including number of employees, funding activities, and number of offices. Spanning two offices on two continents and nearly doubling headcount over the last year, SideChef has expanded their content team and added an 8-person culinary studio team that spearheaded a studio kitchen remodel and leads the production of in-house content as well as partner collaborations.

“We are so honored to receive the ranking of 35th on the FoodTech 500 list,” said Kevin Yu, founder and CEO. “This recognition is a reflection of our team’s hard work, in collaboration with market leading partners, to create the ultimate user experience for home cooks. We are most proud of our dedication to our users and thankful our contributions to home cooking have been recognized by Forward Fooding.”

“Congratulations to all 500 finalists on being part of the world’s very first FoodTech 500.” said Forward Fooding CEO, Alessio D’Antino. “...The companies that made the 2019 FoodTech 500 list represent every sector of FoodTech ecosystem, from farm to fork and they are all success stories in their own right, which is why we are so proud to share them with you. ”

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