SideChef utilizes machine learning for the most personalized recipe recommendations available in an app

[San Francisco, CA] – October 25, 2019 – SideChef, the all-in-one home cooking platform, has released a completely redesigned app with the most impressive level of personalization to date. The new release, dubbed “SideChef 4.0,” introduces a newly designed home scroll and filtering options that allow users to find the recipe they want to cook in less than one minute.

Based on three unique user archetypes, SideChef has implemented tools for every type of home cook, whether they know exactly what they’re looking for, are looking for inspiration, or want to be told exactly what to cook that week. In SideChef 4.0, users will find recipe curation based on the user’s dietary profile, as well as personalized rows with themes like “eat healthy,” “save money,” and “save time.”

 “SideChef 4.0 is the product of in-depth user research and a deep understanding of the pain points home cooks experience,” says Kevin Yu, SideChef’s founder and CEO. “Leading by design is at the core of all the work we do, and is exemplified beautifully in this revamped interface and user experience that provides a level of personalization home cooks won’t be able to find anywhere else.”

SideChef’s 4.0 update comes just in time for the holiday cooking season. Along with updates to the UX, the release of 4.0 also features recipes that have been reviewed and tested with increased culinary standards.


About SideChef

SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking platform that provides over 15,000 interactive smart recipes with dynamic recipe guidance featuring hands-free voice commands, step-by-step photos, how-to videos, and built-in timers. SideChef offers in-app meal planning, grocery delivery, and smart kitchen connectivity. Founded by Kevin Yu in 2014, the company pioneers the next generation of cooking practices with a focus on personalization, inspiration, and connectivity at every step of the meal-making process.

SideChef is available for free on iOS and Android devices. The SideChef app has won Google Play Editor's Pick for 'Best Apps of 2017, inspiring the creation of over 2.5 million meals in home kitchens around the world.  For more information, visit

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