The Better Living Program is a 11-year action plan by Electrolux that aims to shape better and more sustainable living around the world. Its focus is an evolving list of 100 bold actions that we pledge to undertake by 2030. These actions represent our commitment to the four clear targets we have defined across the categories of Better Eating, Better Garment Care, Better Home Environment and Better Company.

January 8, 2020

The Better Living Program

Our lives are shaped by choices. Everyday
decisions — big and small — like what to eat,
what to wear, what to do and where to live.

These decisions don’t only affect our living. They
shape the world we live in — and the future we
give to the next generation.

Still, we consume energy and water like never
before. We throw away fully edible food. We
throw out clothes that should have stayed in our
wardrobes. We fill oceans with plastics and we
pollute the air we breathe.

Now, more than ever, we need to start making
better choices in our everyday.

For 100 years, Electrolux has been determined to
make the everyday better for millions of people
around the world. Sustainability has always
been part of our DNA; perhaps that's why we
have been industry leaders in sustainability for
over a decade. But we can — and will — do more.

From now until 2030, we are committed to
working towards a set of bold targets, aiming to
inspire and empower people, employees and
business partners to make better choices. And
to drive that change we are launching the Better
Living Program: a list of 100 actions to shape
better and more sustainable living

It all starts now — with the choices we make in
everyday life.

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