Beef & Blue Cheeseburger

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Topped with a pile of sticky onions that have been gently caramelised in balsamic vinegar and a generous spoon full of creamy blue cheese sauce, this burger is essentially a steak as it takes it’s retro vibe from classic steakhouse recipes.

East After Noon

Serves 4

19 Ingredients

600 g 80-20 Free Range Ground Beef

1 handful Italian Flat-Leaf Parsley

to taste Course Ground Sea Salt

to taste Black Pepper

25 mL Whiskey

20 mL Ketchup

1 Tbsp Dark Soy Sauce

1 Tbsp Organic Honey

2 tsp Chunky Seville Marmalade

1 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

1/4 Brown Onion

2 clove Garlic

4 Medium Brown Onions

50 mL Balsamic Vinegar

1 tsp Brown Sugar

1 Tbsp Butter

100 g Blue Cheese

250 mL Fresh Heavy Cream

6 Pretzel Buns

9 Steps

Steps 1

Place Whiskey, tomato Ketchup, Dark Soy Sauce, Organic Honey, Chunky Seville Marmalade, Worcestershire Sauce, Brown Onion, and Garlic into a blender.

Steps 2

Pour the mixture into a saucepan and simmer on a very slow heat, stirring continuously until the sauce has thickened and turned glossy.

Steps 3

Combine 80-20 Free Range Ground Beef, finely chopped Italian Flat-Leaf Parsley, Course Ground Sea Salt and Black Pepper ( to taste). Shape into large circular patties – about 2 centimeter in thickness – and refrigerate until needed.

Steps 4

When all the below components are ready, heat a griddle pan to screaming hot and place each patty on it to sear for about a minute or so.

Steps 5

Toast your Pretzel Buns on the stove top.

Steps 6

For the caramelized onions, fry the medium Brown Onion in Butter until softened. Add in the Brown Sugar and Balsamic Vinegar, and cook over a medium heat, stirring often, until reduced and sticky. Keep warm until needed.

Steps 7

For the blue cheese sauce, place the creamy blue cheese (100 gram) and fresh heavy cream (250 milliliter) into a small saucepan and gently melt the cheese into the cream, stirring occasionally to combine.

Steps 8

To assemble your burger, simply start off with your patty, topped off with a generous helping of sticky onions and a good dollop of the blue cheese sauce. Close the lid and prepare for a monster mouthful that’s full of smokey richness.

Steps 9

Serve and enjoy!