Aguamate Cocktail

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The AguaMate is based on South American Mate tea and Aguardiente. Aguardiente is a star anise-based spirit that goes hand in hand with strong Mate-tea flavors - perfect for hot summer days.


Serves 1

6 Ingredients

1 Lime

1.5 fl oz Aguardiente

6 g Granulated Sugar

7 Ice Cube

1 Whole Star Anise

110 mL Heike Mate

9 Steps

Steps 1

Cut Lime in half.

Steps 2

Add the juice of half the lime to the Jigger (metal cup shaped like a shot glass).

Steps 3

Add Aguardiente to the shaker.

Steps 4

Add the lime juice to the shaker.

Steps 5

Add Granulated Sugar to the shaker.

Steps 6

Add Ice Cube, close the shaker, and shake in a front to back motion at shoulder height for about 10 seconds until all the ice is crushed and the ingredients are mixed.

Steps 7

Add Ice Cube to a tall glass and pour out the inside mix using the strainer.

Steps 8

Add Heike Mate to the glass.

Steps 9

Give the mix a quick stir with the cocktail spoon. Garnish with a piece of lime and the Whole Star Anise.