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Half and Half

Half and Half
Half and Half

Half and Half

Half and Half, a dairy product, is a simple yet versatile blend of equal parts whole milk and heavy cream. This results in a product with a moderate milk fat content, falling between that of whole milk and cream.

Renowned for its use in coffee and tea, half and half also plays a crucial role in enriching sauces, soups, and desserts. Its creamy consistency enhances the texture of various culinary creations without being as rich as heavy cream, offering a balance between indulgence and moderation.

When is Half and Half in season?


How to store Half and Half?

Store unopened containers of Half and Half in the refrigerator, and once opened, use it within a week.

Keep it tightly sealed to prevent absorption of odors and flavors from the fridge.

What to make with leftover Half and Half?

Half and half can be incorporated into coffee or tea, used in baking, or added to mashed potatoes for extra richness.

Food Science

The combination of whole milk and cream in Half and Half contributes to its smooth texture, with fat providing a creamy mouthfeel.

In coffee, the proteins in Half and Half can bind with bitter compounds, reducing perceived bitterness and enhancing the overall flavor.

The fat content in Half and Half plays a crucial role in carrying and enhancing the flavor of dishes, especially in savory applications like creamy sauces.

Cooking tips for Half and Half

Substitute half and half for milk or cream in recipes for a creamier texture with a milder richness.

Use it in custards, puddings, and ice creams to achieve a smooth and velvety consistency.

Add a splash to scrambled eggs for a creamy and luxurious breakfast.

What are the health benefits of Half and Half?

Half and Half is a source of essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin D.

Due to its high-fat content, moderation is advised to avoid excessive calorie intake.

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