• Do you know that one cup of chopped raw broccoli has only 31 calories?


Selection & Storage

• To keep your broccoli fresh before using, store it in the fridge with a sealed bag.

• Do not wash it before storing as it might spoil due to exposure to water.

• Keep your partial heads in a well-sealed container or plastic bag and refrigerate!

Cooking Tips

Cook your broccoli to al dente to preserve most of its nutrients.
Broccoli is filled with fiber which aids digestion and keeps you feeling full.

Clever Uses

• Use your leftover broccoli stalks as fertilizer in your garden or farm, create new food out of your leftovers!

• Replace some broccoli stalks for rawhide bone as a toy for your dog!

• Grating broccoli stalks and sauteing them with garlic for a quick side dish that reduces food waste.

Health Benefits

Broccoli is a fat-free, low-sodium vegetable that contains very high levels of Vitamin C

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