Pancetta Pasta

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This salty pancetta pasta dish uses just 3 ingredients in the sauce to create an explosion of flavours. Pancetta and tomato sauce form the perfect pairing to smother and colour the pasta spirals!

Vincenzo's Plate

Serves 4

8 Ingredients

500 g Fusilli Pasta

250 g Pancetta

2 handful Fresh Basil

24 oz Tomato Passata

1/3 Onion

to taste Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

to taste Salt

5 L Water

7 Steps

Steps 1

Boil the Water on the stove in a large pot.

Steps 2

Chop up the Onion, Fresh Basil, and Pancetta both into strips.

Steps 3

Heat up 3 tablespoons of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in a fry pan on a medium heat. Add the onion and let simmer for a minute. Add the pancetta and sauté for a few minutes.

Steps 4

Pour the Tomato Passata into the pan and stir using a wooden spoon. Add a sprinkle of salt and a handful of Fresh Basil and stir through once again. Leave to simmer on a low-medium heat for at least 15 minutes.

Steps 5

Once the water has boiled in the large pot, add a sprinkle of Salt and mix to help dissolve. Cook the Fusilli Pasta according to the packet instructions as the cooking time of all brands of dry pasta vary.

Steps 6

Strain the pasta and add it to the pan with the sauce. Smother the pasta with the sauce using a wooden spoon.

Steps 7

Serve and Enjoy!