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Sticky sweet dates have been widely used in Middle-Eastern cuisine for over a thousand years. It is believed they originated from somewhere around Iraq and some scientists say they could have been cultivated as early as 4000 BCE. Dates are a great compliment for cheese, bacon, and other fruits. Dates are also a great ingredient in vegan and raw cooking and desserts.

How to store Date?

Select dates that don’t feel too hard, fresh dates are plump and have a glossy shiny skin.

Dates should be stored in a sealable container in a cold and dark place, this way they can be kept for about two months. During this time white spots might appear, these spots are usually sugar that comes to the surface while drying out.

What to make with leftover Date?

Dates are an important ingredient in raw cooking! Try going raw for a week and see how versatile dates can be!

Food Science

Male and female flowers are produced on separate trees, one male tree can pollinate over 100 female trees.

Cooking tips for Date

Make a lengthwise slit through the date to remove the pit.

When cutting dates into pieces it’s easiest to use scissors dipped in hot water.

Are your dates stuck to together? Microwave them for a minute.

Use dates as a natural sweetener by adding some in your next dessert, smoothie, bread, cake or muffin batter.

What are the health benefits of Date?

Dates contain many essential nutrients such as calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, manganese and copper.

Dates have been noted to be one of the best ingredients in a muscle gaining diet.

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