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Dill is a fresh and colorful herb that goes well with seafood, capers, potatoes, citrus fruits, and poultry.

We recommend using fresh dill as dried dill will quickly lose flavor.

In Poland, fresh dill is commonly mixed with sour cream and used as a dressing. Dill is also often used in Swedish cuisine.

When is Dill in season?


How to store Dill?

Avoid dill that doesn’t have a vibrant green color. To store fresh dill, wrap in damp towel and keep away from any fruits or vegetables that produce ethylene gas, as that will rapidly accelerate its deterioration.

What to make with leftover Dill?

Chew on a bit of dill to freshen bad breath.

Combine vinegar, dill, and caraway seeds. Add sliced cucumbers to make pickles.

Food Science

In Ancient Greece, athletes used to rub dill on their body to tone their muscles.

Cooking tips for Dill

Top chicken breasts or salmon with lemon slices and dill for a flavorful and light meal.

Dill is an excellent compliment to dairy products. Add dill to sour cream and serve with baked potatoes.

Finely chop dill and add to salad.

Serve smoked salmon with dill, red onion, capers, and cream cheese for a tasty brunch.

What are the health benefits of Dill?

Dill is a good source of Vitamin A and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

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