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Synonymous with fall, pumpkins are the favorite gourd of the group. They are certainly on trend and show no signs of pulling a Cinderella and disappearing at midnight. Although they’re famed as a spice, there actually isn't any pumpkin in Pumpkin Spice. That mixture is usually a blend of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. Get back to basics and learn about the original here.

When is Pumpkin in season?


How to store Pumpkin?

Buy firm, bright-colored pumpkins, free from cuts, bruises or dents.

A good pumpkin can be recognized by a good, healthy stem.

Be careful when storing a pumpkin on a wooden surface or carpet, the bottom end can soften and leak juices. Or the moisture from the pumpkin can damage the surface.

A hard nonporous surface can cause your pumpkin to age prematurely. Put a cloth or a circle of cardboard between your pumpkin and the surface.

What to make with leftover Pumpkin?

Pumpkin facial masks have fruit enzymes, and alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin A, and vitamin C, that will soften and smooth the skin.

Cooking tips for Pumpkin

Give your carrot cake recipe a new twist by grating pumpkin into the cake instead of carrot.

Soft pumpkin flesh goes well with soup. Add onions, cream and chicken or vegetable stock for a bright, flavorful soup.

When choosing a pumpkin for carving go for one with shallow ribs and lines.They’re usually easier to carve and stencil your designs on.

Once you have created your Jack-O-Lantern, rub salt on the inside to keep it from spoiling. It will also help to prevent mold growth.

What are the health benefits of Pumpkin?

Pumpkins contain a generous amount of vitamin A, which can improve your eyes strength, especially in weak lighting.

Pumpkins have a high fiber content which leads to feeling full for a longer amount of time. This can be a major aid for people trying to lose weight.

Switch up your post workout meal for fall, one cup of cooked pumpkin has more potassium than banana.

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