The 10 Commandments of Grilling

With warm weather comes backyard barbecues and the hunger for a good old fashioned hamburger. Before you fire up the grill, check out our 10 tips for pro-level grilling every time.

Kiley at SideChef
May 22, 2019

Thou Shall Grill the SideChef Way

Grill holidays are upon us and we are so there to support your barbecue dreams. When it comes to grilling, there are a host of things to keep in mind to ensure safety and deliciousness. That’s why our grilling experts have put together this holy grail for the backyard barbecue. Pop open a cold brewski and learn our 10 commandments of grilling. Bring. On. The. Noms.

I. Thou shall preheat the grill

Preheating is essential for optimal results. We recommend preheating 15 - 25 minutes prior to grilling. The idea is to heat the grates so the food can start searing immediately on contact.

II. Thou shall keep a clean grill

Once the grill has warmed up, use a grill brush to remove debris from your last grill session. This will help prevent sticking.

III. Thou shall oil the food, not the grill

Some will suggest that you oil the grill to prevent sticking, but it’s actually far more effective to oil the food. The oil on the grates will burn off too quickly. And don’t forget, never use cooking spray around the grill.

IV. Thou shall trim excess fat

Extra fat on meat will drip down into the flames and cause flare ups. Flare ups are not only a potential danger, they also negatively affect the flavor of your food.

V. Thou shall marinate food

We recommend marinating your food at least an hour prior to grilling. Of course, marinades add delicious flavor. The longer they soak, the more flavor your meat will absorb. Additionally, adding marinades to your meat help reduce the occurrence of cancer causing carcinogens that can arise from grilling.

VI. Thou shall not use lighter fluid

Using lighter fluid introduces unnecessary chemicals to your food as it evaporates. If you need to light your grill by hand, opt for a chimney starter or a lighter cube.

VII. Thou shall create grilling zones

Grilling zones allow for you to manage cooking temperatures in an orderly way. High heat, medium heat, and a no heat section can all be useful depending on what you’re cooking. Direct high heat is great for more tender smaller cuts that will cook in less than twenty minutes. Larger food items that take over twenty minutes to cook can be set over the no flame portion of the grill to let the meat cook indirectly. With the lid shut, this will allow your food to cook more evenly.

VIII. Thou shall move food around grill

Utilize your cooking zones to cook your food to perfection. When your food is close to being done, you may want to move it to the medium heat section of the grill to slow down the cooking process. Flipping your food frequently will help you cook your food more evenly.

IX. Thou shall close the lid

Closing the lid is essential to heating your food to the proper temperature. It keeps the grate hot, speeds up cooking time, and even adds a coveted smokey flavor. It also helps prevent dreaded flare ups by reducing the oxygen flow.

X. Thou shall let meat rest

In your final act, don’t rush one of the most important parts. Let your meat rest for 10 minutes, letting all those delicious juices redistribute and settle so you enjoy decadent flavor with every bite.

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