The Easiest Ways to Use Less Plastic in the Kitchen

We can all do our part in taking the right steps to preserving the earth. A little less plastic in the kitchen can go a long away to a more sustainable future!

May 24, 2019

Planet Over Plastic

Plastic has become a pretty hot topic lately, and for good reason. The stuff is notorious for being unrecyclable, and so most of our discarded plastic ends up in the oceans and creating serious issues of wildlife. Staples from plastic wrap to resealable bags can be found in pretty much every kitchen, so it might be hard to imagine getting rid of plastic there but reducing your use is definitely doable! Here are a few tips on the simple, everyday ways to turn your kitchen into a more eco-friendly space!

1. Skip Single-Use Storage

Consider making the switch from your go-to plastic bags to pack your lunches or stow away your snacks. While it might mean no dishes to wash and easy storage, it definitely doesn’t bode well in the long run. Try using reusable containers made from glass or stainless steel for a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to store your food!

2. Zero-Waste Wrap

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to plastic use in the kitchen is the wraps that are used to cover bowls and other containers for storage in the fridge. There are tons of alternatives to plastic wraps out there, from beeswax to cotton, that are super-effective at both preserving your food and curbing plastic use.

3. Better Bagging

At your next grocery trip, remember to bring your own bags to take your produce home! Many stores offer low-cost reusable bags available for purchase the tote your goods without the need for unsustainable, single-use plastic. When you’re shopping, you can also reduce the plastic packaging that comes with your purchases by skipping the plastic bags when you collect produce, or by shopping at local markets.

4. Upgrade the Utensils

Sure, those throwaway utensils might come in handy at those dinner parties, but they don’t necessarily have to be made of plastic! You can now buy disposable wooden cutlery that are totally biodegradable, so you can now toss out those utensils without having to worry about the negative environmental impact. Other handy tools in your kitchen also have more sustainable alternatives, from steel ice cube trays to steel straws to replace plastic.

5. Conscious Clean-ups

Did you know that the brushes that are often found in our kitchens to clean the sinks are often made from plastic and other synthetic materials that are pretty bad for the environment? Consider investing in some new eco-friendly cleaning brushes that use natural materials and are also easy to use.

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