Sous-Vide Baking

January 8, 2020

Make an impression

Treat your guests to more than great tasting food - make an impression. Unlock your creativity with Electrolux, dare to do the unexpected and serve lasting memories.

Unconventional Flavour combinations

Mint & mustard

The freshness of mint marries beautifully with the kick of mustard - a great way to spice lamb.

Orange zest & rosemary

Aromatic rosemary loves the sweetness of orange zest - a different and delicious way to spice salmon.

Bake it Naked

Sometimes less is more. A naked cake is a delicious dessert that lacks the traditional frosting or marzipan edges. Distinct, visible layers expose the beautiful textures and colours of the flavours inside. Bake it with steam for taller layers and a fluffier, more professional result.

Discover Steam

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