Rilakkuma Inari

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How to make the cutest sushi in the world, using only healthy natural ingredients! Rilakkuma is the best.


Serves 6

7 Ingredients

1 1/2 cup White Rice

2 Tbsp Rice Vinegar

2 Egg

1 slice Cheese

6 slice Inari

1 Nori Sheets

1 slice Carrot

8 Steps

Steps 1

To Make sushi rice. Cook the White Rice with 3 cups of water with steamer or pan and wait until ready. Add Rice Vinegar to the cooked rice and mix well.

Steps 2

Shape the Rilakkuma head. Scoop the sushi rice into a plastic wrap and squeeze it tight! If you don’t squeeze tight enough, it will look strange and also difficult to eat.

Steps 3

Make the ears. This is the hard part! First, scoop a little amount of rice with a small spoon and place it on both corners of Inari. Then push it with a back of the spoon to make it look like an ear. Inari is real fragile.

Steps 4

Close the inari sheet. Tuck the bottom of inari underneath the rice and hide the edge by shaping it nice and round. Now you have a beautiful bear shape right in your kitchen!

Steps 5

Make the facial part: Use the puncher on the Nori Sheets for Rilakkuma’s eyes, nose, and mouth. You can use scissors if you don’t have a puncher. Then shape the Cheese into Rilakkuma’s mouth. I used a cookie cutter.

Steps 6

Make thin omelet for the ears from the Egg. I used the edge of a boba (tapioca) straw to cut out. It was the perfect size for the ears I found in my kitchen.

Steps 7

Don’t waste the rest of thin omelet you just made for the ears! Roll and cut it into a bite size. Then place the thinly cut Carrot as a mouth and nori for eyes. I used a nori puncher this time as well. This omelet guy is Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma’s friend, “Kiiroitori“. He’s a cute little bird who likes pancakes.

Steps 8

Place all your hard work on the plate. This is the moment where you can feel all the little effort is finally coming together. So don’t forget to have fun. Serve and enjoy!