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Found in many humid, tropical climates, husky round coconuts are delicious and extremely versatile. Every part of the coconut is useful: the brown fibrous husk can be used to make brushes, ropes, and fishnets, while the hard shells can be used for bowls, utensils, fuel, musical instruments, mosquito repellent, and clothing. Coconut meat, milk, oil, and water are all healthy and delicious!

When is Coconut in season?


How to store Coconut?

If tightly covered, fresh grated coconut can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Coconut meat can be frozen for up to 6 months and then later defrosted in the fridge.

Whole coconuts can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months.

Dried shredded coconut that is past its prime will look brittle and yellowish in color.

To tell if a coconut has gone bad - look into its eyes! Yes, the three dents on the skin of the coconut are called eyes. If the dents are more like protrusions, it could be an infected coconut.

Old coconuts are more of a greyish color as opposed to a healthy brown. Once you crack it open, the meat should be pure white; the meat of an expired coconut will be yellowish.

What to make with leftover Coconut?

Beach Bonfire? Dried coconut husk can be used to power wood-fired stoves or as kindling for a bonfire!

Young coconut meat can be used to make your own yogurt!

Food Science

Technically, the coconut is not a nut, it’s a drupe! A drupe has of three layers: the exocarp, mesocarp (husk), and endocarp.

Sugar can be made from coconut sap (the juice extracted when the flower buds). Coconut sugar is similar to brown sugar in that it has a caramely taste. However, it’s diabetic friendly, packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy amino acids.

Cooking tips for Coconut

One medium coconut makes about 3 to 4 cups of grated ‘meat’.

To extract the juice or water of the coconut, pierce two of the three indentations (or eyes) with a sharp knife or an ice pick and drain the liquid.

Coconut could be substituted with chopped nuts such as macadamia or Brazil nuts.

What are the health benefits of Coconut?

Coconut meat has super strong antioxidant properties, which contribute to lower cholesterol, better digestion, stabilizing blood sugar, regulating hormone production, weight loss, and much more!

Coconut oil is a superfood on it’s own as it is packed with healthy fats and proteins. It’s also great for moisturizing dry hair and skin, and for smoothing wrinkles!

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