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Beef Salad Parisienne with Tarragon Vinaigrette

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In Beard on Food, he said “the possibilities of a vinaigrette don’t end with salad.” He used the vinaigrette to marinate the beef for this Beef Salad Parisienne, as a way to show its versatility.


Total Cooking Time


Chef’d brings you fresh ingredients and world famous recipes right to your doorstep!
Serves 2
Ingredient List
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2 Tbsp
Dijon Mustard
3/4 cup
Curly Endive
1 stalk
1 clove
1 1/2 cups
1 cup
Cherry Tomatoes
1/4 cup
1 Tbsp
Red Wine Vinegar
Mini Cucumber
2 Tbsp
8 cups
1 tsp
3 Tbsp
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
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Step 1
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
Step 2
Place a medium saucepan on the stove filled with cold water. Add Salt (1 Tbsp) . Add the Fingerling Potatoes (1 1/2 cups) , and bring to a boil. Cook for about nine minutes until a knife can be easily inserted.
Step 3
Allow potatoes to cool, and slice into quarter inch slices.
Step 4
Place Eggs (2) in a small saucepan and fill with cold water. Bring to a boil, turn heat down to medium and simmer for six minutes.
Step 5
Remove eggs from water and rinse under cold water. Peel eggs, discard the shells. Slice into halves and set aside.
Step 6
While the eggs and potatoes are cooking, slice Green Beans (1 1/2 cups) on a half bias.
Step 7
Peel Mini Cucumber (1) and slice into quarter inch rounds. Set into a large bowl.
Step 8
Slice Red Bell Pepper (1/2) , remove seeds and pith. Slice into quarter inch pieces. Place into the bowl.
Step 9
Slice Cornichons (4) , Celery (1 stalk) , and Cherry Tomatoes (1 cup) . Place into the bowl.
Step 10
Slice Shallot (1) in half lengthwise and then thinly across. Add to bowl.
Step 11
Using the same saucepan used for potatoes, add Water (8 cups) and Salt (1 Tbsp) Bring to a boil. Fill a medium bowl with ice and cold water.
Step 12
Trim the ends off of the green beans and add to saucepan once water is boiling. Cook for two minutes.
Step 13
Drain beans in a colander. Shock beans in the ice water, and move around for thirty seconds. Thoroughly pat the beans dry and add to bowl.
Step 14
Pat the Flank Steak (1) dry with paper towels, and season each side with Salt (1/2 tsp) and Ground Black Pepper (1/2 tsp) .
Step 15
Heat Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (1 Tbsp) in a medium sauté pan over high heat. Sear steak on one side for 3 minutes, and then flip and let cook for an additional 3 minutes.
Step 16
Place steak on pan in oven for 5 minutes.
Step 17
Allow steak to rest outside of the oven for five minutes.
Step 18
Finely mince Garlic (1 clove) and place in a medium bowl.
Step 19
Remove the stems from the Fresh Parsley (3 Tbsp) and Tarragon (1/4 cup) and chop roughly. Add to bowl with garlic.
Step 20
Add Red Wine Vinegar (1 Tbsp) , Dijon Mustard (2 Tbsp) , Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (2 Tbsp) , Salt (1/4 tsp) , and Ground Black Pepper (1/4 tsp) to bowl with garlic and herbs. Whisk rapidly to combine.
Step 21
Remove bottom half inch of frisée and tear into 8 pieces. Add to large bowl, and toss with other vegetables with Salt (1/4 tsp) and Ground Black Pepper (1/4 tsp) .
Step 22
Drizzle vegetables in vinaigrette and mix well.
Step 23
Slice the flank steak in half with the grain, and then slice against the grain.
Step 24
Evenly divide Curly Endive (3/4 cup) across two plates, and top with flank steak.
Step 25
Serve and enjoy!

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