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How to Use SideChef on Portal from Facebook

Elevate your home cooking experience by simply using your voice.
Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation are a way of life.
Love This Recipe?
Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation are a way of life.

Remember that time you tried to cook and follow a recipe on your laptop and accidentally splashed oil on the screen, somehow ended up with a sticky keyboard, and then spent way too much time cleaning all of it off? That’s why SideChef and Portal from Facebook are proud to have teamed up to ease your home cooking experience by preventing those accidents through the use of voice interactions.

Let’s see just how easy it is to use your voice to improve your home cooking experience with SideChef on Portal.

What Should You Cook?

Use your voice to get inspired!

Looking to use ingredients before they expire?

  • “Hey Portal, can you show me recipes with chicken?”

  • “Hey Portal, what can I make with broccoli?”

  • “Hey Portal, search for recipes with beef”

Craving a specific cuisine or dish?

  • “Hey Portal, show me Italian recipes”

  • “Hey Portal, how do I make teriyaki chicken?”

  • “Hey Portal, find me recipes for nachos”

Have any diet-based preferences?

  • “Hey Portal, find me healthy recipes”

  • “Hey Portal, show me some vegetarian recipes”

  • “Hey Portal, what are some keto recipes?”

Unsure of where to start?

  • “Hey Portal, what should I eat for breakfast?”

  • “Hey Portal, find me lunch recipes”

  • “Hey Portal, new dinner recipes”

After you’ve decided on your inspiration, navigate your recipe results.

  • “Hey Portal, next”

  • “Hey Portal, previous page”

Start Cooking!

Like a recipe that you see? Open the recipe overview.

  • “Hey Portal, open the first one”

  • “Hey Portal, open the third recipe”

Exactly what you were looking for? Start the Step-By-Step instructions.

  • “Hey Portal, start cooking!”

  • “Hey Portal, next step”

Enjoyed Your Meal?

You can easily save the recipe so you can make it again.

  • “Hey Portal, save this recipe”

  • “Hey Portal, save recipe”

Finished with the recipe and want to exit out?

  • “Hey Portal, exit this recipe”

  • “Hey Portal, exit recipe”

It’s 2021, save your hands for the prepping and cooking and not juggling devices, leave that to your voice.

Download the SideChef App onto your Portal device from the Apps store, and get cooking today!

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