Sharp & Stylish: TheChefsClub Chef’s Knife Review

Whitney at SideChef
September 17, 2019

A chef’s knife is extremely personal. It’s easily your most used tool in the kitchen, and its effectiveness makes a huge impact on your flow as you cook.

The Promise of Greatness

TheChefClub presented us with a promise of “elevating your cooking” with the use of their knives, which is perfectly aligned with what we try to do every day for SideChef app users. Though it was hard to set my previous go-to knife aside to try out TheChefClub chef’s knife, I was admittedly intrigued by its incredibly sleek design and hoped it was as functional as it was beautiful.

The Cutting Edge

The cutting performance of knives is undeniable. Their sharpness and durability ratings (as determined by the industry-standard ranking institution, CATRA) are significantly higher than most high-end brands by a hefty percentage. The minimalist and modern look catches your eye right away, with the handle seamlessly transitioning to the blade--they advertise it as “bolsterless.”

Knife 101

When selecting a knife, there are three main things I look for: sharpness, balance, and comfort. These attributes give you the confidence to blaze through any prep task. They allow for speed as well as accuracy in your ability to cut consistently. I kept these traits in mind as I prepped my recipes using TheChefClub chef’s knife.

Sharp Knives Matter

As I dove into our week’s work, I was immediately impressed by how light and well-balanced the knife felt in my hand. I adapted very quickly to the feel of it, and couldn't help but admire the way it helped me breeze through my kitchen prep. Additionally, the knife definitely lived up to their promises around sharpness. I used the knife to debone and fillet a fish, and the sharpness of the blade made clean work of taking the skin off the fish.

Under the Knife

TheChefClub knife was particularly impressive when preparing meat. The blade’s precision ensures that we can protect, clean, and uphold the integrity of any cut of meat in the studio kitchen. I got the chance to use this knife for all kinds of meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes and it absolutely proved itself as a great all-rounder tool.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I would call it an approachable, modern chef’s knife. It looks sharp, cuts sharp--a leap beyond the aesthetics of the age-old commercial knife set. When we are knee-deep in filming in the SideChef culinary studio, having a set of knives that can reliably cut cleanly and quickly is exactly what we need. I highly recommend TheChefClub for the budding home cook who wants to evoke kitchen envy.

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