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What We’ll Cook in 2021: 6 Culinary Partners Share Their Predictions

Kate Ricard at SideChef
Content Partnerships Manager and unofficial SideChef recipe tester. I love talking to people for a living.
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Kate Ricard at SideChef
Content Partnerships Manager and unofficial SideChef recipe tester. I love talking to people for a living.

With the global pandemic underlining the importance of the home aspect of home cooking, many of us turned to cooking as a form of therapy, with homemade sourdoughs and burnt basque cheesecakes dominating many Instagram feeds in 2020.

As we look forward to a new year with new cooking possibilities, 6 of our culinary partners share their predictions on what we’ll see more of in our kitchens in 2021 and what they look forward to making this year.

Immune-boosting and economical recipes will dominate

“Healthy recipes will stand out and help immunize our bodies to take better care of ourselves.

...easy and very economical recipes will be highlighted as people have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus - they will have to prepare simpler recipes with ingredients within everyone's reach.”

-Irene, Las Recetas Faciles de Irene

“Food pets” and lazy cooking

“All the ferments!!! From kimchi to kombucha, more time at home means more time to tend to another "food pet" that can sit next to a big sister sourdough starter.

I also think the keto diet will boom even more popular, especially with folks trying to shed quarantine fifteens. Unfortunately, most keto recipes lack Asian-y flavors!! Spin off from OG Asian recipes reshaped to meet keto diet would be a huge hit.

Lastly, lazy cooking. We are all a bit burnt out cooking three meals a day. How to cook amazing food with little effort will continue to be a huge hit.”

-Seung Hee, Korean Fusion

Soups and Stews

“I expect to see hearty soups and stews being made in the first quarter of 2021, especially since we'll be in the peak of winter in temperate countries and many of us still got a packed pantry with dry and canned ingredients (shopping we did last year during the 'panic"). Keep an eye on Fried Chicken and "spicy". Cook Along Classes.. probably here to stay!

I'm looking forward to once again being able to travel and build on the video I did back in the summer where myself and my friends ranked the top 10 mangoes we could find (imported). Once it's possible, the goal is to travel for mangoes and explore textures, flavors, sweetness and scent, according to regions and varieties. Document the part it plays in daily lives in tropical countries and how they cook and preserve them at the same time. It shall be an epic mango extravaganza.”

-Chris dela Rosa, Carribbean Pot

A return to our roots

“Well, I'm seeing that there will be more comfort foods and foods that remind one of their childhood, meaning heritage recipes. People will be revisiting their native roots to bring them the comfort that they crave.

I'll be including more of these ... meaning more traditional and old German recipes, made in the "modern" kitchen with "modern" ways using local ingredients.”

-Gerhild, Quick German Recipes

More adventures in the kitchen

“2020 brought people into their kitchens more than ever, and I think people have become more comfortable with everyday cooking. I think 2021 will see the rise of fun "new" ingredients as people start itching to try something new. Hello sorghum, seitan, farro, and the like!”

-Sarah Bond, Live Eat Learn

Plant-based and chickpeas

“I think for 2021, we're going to see huge growth in the vegan industry. Tons of non-vegan households are going to be taking on plant-based meals and half meat - half-plant proteins will make their way into popular food. I'm also seeing a decline in the trendy cauliflower and a spike in chickpea everything"

-Candice, The Edgy Veg

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