5 Skills Every Cook Should Master

July 18, 2019

Preparing Garlic

Garlic is the renaissance man of the spice world. It brings an aromatic depth of flavor to just about any dish. However, those pungently delicious cloves can be tricky to prepare. Knowing how to finely slice your garlic is essential to unlocking the full flavor potential of these little powerful packets.

Cooking Rice and Pasta

Rice and pasta are staple foods in pretty much every ethnic cuisine and for good reason! Both are cheap, energy dense and pair with just about any dish imaginable. Thus, it’s crucial that every chef has these two staples mastered- no soggy noodles or burnt grains allowed. Here's a simple guide to boiling pasta.

Preparing a Stock

A good stock is one of those things most people don’t even know they need, but experienced chefs know otherwise. A great stock is often the difference between an otherwise watery dish into a rich umami flavour bomb. Store bought stocks may seem like a convenient solution; however, most are filled with additives, excess sodium and way too much water. A homemade stock is a simple but powerful weapon every cook should have in the flavor arsenal. Here's how!

Grilling The Perfect Steak

Classic Pan-Seared Steak


Nothing screams hearty luxury more than slicing into the juicy, pink centre of a perfectly seared steak. Even if steak dinners seem reserved for special occasions, the ability to nail a perfect sear is always in demand. Here's how!

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

There are infinite ways to cook an egg, but none are more simple or versatile than a quick scramble. Knowing how to throw together a quick scramble will ensure a tasty, satisfying, nutrient rich meal in any situation with any schedule. Here's your basic guide.

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