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Tips on Freezable Foods That Might Surprise You

Freezing food is a great way to reduce food waste and help speed up dinner on a busy weeknight. Check out these top tips so you're not left out in the cold!
Tips on Freezable Foods That Might Surprise You
Tips on Freezable Foods That Might Surprise You
Beverly Ng at SideChef
Marketer at SideChef. I firmly believe that pastries and spicy food are the keys to my happiness. 🧁🌶
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Beverly Ng at SideChef
Marketer at SideChef. I firmly believe that pastries and spicy food are the keys to my happiness. 🧁🌶

Freezer Meals 101

The freezer is definitely one of the best and most underrated parts of your kitchen. It simplifies food prep, keeps ingredients fresh, and can give your busy schedule a break. So the big question that remains is: what food can I freeze? While it might be tempting to conveniently try and freeze all your meals, some food items don’t hold up as well as others. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you cook!


Preparing school lunches or packing an on-the-go bite doesn’t get any easier than this. If you’re stocking up on raw meats, freezing them is a great way to ensure that they last longer. Try out this chicken cordon bleu, which you can prep and freeze to be baked later at your convenience. Cooked meats in sandwiches (think salami, bologna, ham, and canned tuna) also hold up incredibly well in the freezer and should be reheated in the oven.


Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches

Jessica Gavin

Freezer Friendly Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches are the answer to busy mornings! Meal prep then reheat these tasty egg, bacon, and cheese sandwiches anytime.

Baked Goods

Whether you want to be prepared when a social event calls for cookies or you just want something fast when the sweet tooth kicks in, putting baked goods in the freezer is always a good idea! Most muffins freeze really well as long as you store them in plastic bags or securely wrap them after they have cooled down. Almost all cookies (with the exception of those with delicate doughs like macarons) can also hold up in your freezer, both raw and baked! Just wrap up your dough, or place your baked cookies in a sealed container or sealable bag.


Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

30 Pounds of Apples

These cookies are composed of fairly basic ingredients that, if you bake, you probably already have around.


Pasta-lovers rejoice--your favorite carb holds up pretty well in the freezer, making it a delicious go-to option for a quick meal! There are a few things to keep in mind, however, when freezing pasta. If you’re just planning on stowing away leftovers, it’s best to cook pasta al dente so it doesn’t get mushy when reheated later. If you’re freezing fresh pasta, it can go directly into boiling water to be cooked. Try this freezer-friendly recipes the next time you’re looking to prepare some pasta in advance!


Fresh Pasta

Leanne Brown

Sure, making pasta by hand requires elbow grease and a good rolling pin, but you’ll be surprised at how simple, cheap, and tasty it is. If an Italian grandmother can do it, so can you! Because fresh pasta is so wonderful, the sauce doesn’t need to be complicated.


Storing soups in the freezer is another terrific way to ensure that a fuss-free meal is always waiting at home for you. Dairy and creamy ingredients tend to not do so well in the freezer since they change texture while they’re frozen, so avoid freezing soups that have them or consider adding that cheese on top of your soup AFTER it’s been reheated. Puree-based soups and broths work the best here, retaining their texture and their taste even after they’ve been frozen and reheated. Add these two soups to your meal prep this week for a quick and hearty meal option.


White Bean Ragout

Once Upon A Chef

The quick ragout of white beans and sweet summer tomatoes in a robustly flavored broth might just be the best recipe of the summer. The tomatoes, just barely cooked, burst in your mouth when you bite into them, and fresh herbs and a splash of balsamic vinegar liven the dish up.


Turmeric Butternut Blender Soup

Joyous Health

This Turmeric Butternut Blender Soup is creamy (without any cream, dairy or otherwise) and incredibly flavorful! Everyone will love the crunchiness on top!

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