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New: Weekly Meal Plans

Do you want to save time and bring back the joy in weeknight cooking? SideChef Weekly Meal Plans have been designed to simplify your cooking routine. Try it now for 7 days for free.
New: Weekly Meal Plans
New: Weekly Meal Plans
Welcome to SideChef's original recipes. Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation is a way of life.
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Welcome to SideChef's original recipes. Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation is a way of life.

Home-cooked meals are one of the major ways of taking care of yourself and your family. However, for many of us preparing meals from scratch can be time-consuming and stressful. After a long day, not only can cooking be frustrating and feel like a chore but once you take into account weekly planning, shopping, and prepping, it can truly feel like a daunting task.

SideChef Weekly Meal Plans have been designed to help you streamline your weekly cooking so you can put delicious, nourishing food on the table in a simple and time-efficient way. We believe eating well and spending valuable time with your loved ones at the dinner table shouldn’t be difficult, and we found a way to achieve this! Try SideChef Premium now for free for 7 days, and see for yourself.

What will I get?

By subscribing to SideChef Premium, you’ll receive a weekly plan in your inbox. Our culinary team hand-picks a variety of five nutritious and easy dinner recipes that your whole family will love. We’ve tried and tested all dinner meals and our promise to you is that they are as easy as they are delicious! Each plan is designed to efficiently use up as many ingredients as possible and will simplify your prep time, therefore allowing you to save time, save money, and reduce food waste.

Three reasons to sign up today


#1 - Never worry about planning dinners for the week

Are you and your loved ones tired of the same old meals? Is deciding on “what’s for dinner?” a weekly struggle? We have done all the thinking for you. Our variety of easy weekly recipes allow you to try something new, or add a twist on an old favorite while saving you time.


# 2 - Save on your grocery bill and minimize food waste

Feel like you’re wasting money on unused groceries? Each weekly plan has been optimized to minimize budget and food waste. Ingredients are efficiently shared across recipes to ensure less food waste. Your grocery list helps you easily see how much of each product you’ll be using in your recipes.


#3 - Reduce your weeknight cooking time

Short on time? Eliminate last-minute dinner stress by prepping ahead. We recommend following our signature prep-ahead format to save time during the week. Spend an hour each weekend preparing marinades and chopping veggies. You’ll thank yourself during the week!

How does it work?

1. Subscribe to SideChef Premium to access your weekly meal plan. Each Thursday, you’ll receive a full plan of five dinner meals and a one-click shoppable grocery list in their inbox.

2. Review your grocery list and get everything you need for the full week. Get your groceries delivered directly from our grocery partners like Walmart and AmazonFresh. Or use the in-app grocery list or printable PDF as your in-store checklist.

3. Follow the recipes in our smart recipe format to learn new weekly tips on how to prep ahead, store ingredients, and take your cooking skills to the next level.

Try SideChef Premium 7 days for free

Your first week of SideChef Premium is free! After your free trial, a subscription is $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. For as little as $1.24 per week, you will have your streamlined plan for getting delicious and easy home-cooked dinners on the table. Who said home cooking can’t be enjoyable and stress-free? Let SideChef help you become a happier and more confident home cook.

Curious what recipes you might receive?

Curious what kind of recipes you might find in your plan? Check out these examples below!

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