8 Secret Ingredients No One's Told You About

July 28, 2019

There’s always a little something that brings a dish from great to mind-blowing. Well, here are some "secret" combos that will totally upgrade any dish.

Cheez-Its on Your Chicken

This salty cheesy snack is used in most kids lunch boxes and snack packs, but I bet you didn't know it’s a perfect breading for chicken. Just put your Cheez-Its in a ziploc bag, making sure all the air is out, and crush the Cheese-Its. Roll your chicken in the Cheez-its and pop it in the oven. Its really that easy!

Vodka in Your Pie Crust

Using vodka in your pie is a great way to create the perfect flaky crust. Vodka actually combines the dough without creating a gluten formation which toughens the dough.

Coffee on Your Steak

A mix of coffee grounds into a nice spice rub give your steak a perfect combination of rich flavor and delicious aroma. Combine the coffee grounds with some paprika, chili powder, salt and pepper to make a savory rub for your steak.

Blitzing Cauliflower Florets Instead of Rice

If you’re looking for a way to save some calories, try cauliflower rice. Sound boring? Think again! Cauliflower rice is usually nuttier and fluffier.

Chocolate Chips in Your Chili

If you're making a bowl of chili or a vegetarian version, you should incorporate some semi sweet chocolate chips. The chocolate chips give the chili a rich taste that makesit pop. Pour a tablespoon or two of chocolate chips at the end of the cooking process to upgrade chili.

Yogurt in Your Guacamole Mix

Make your dip stand out by using some yogurt in the mix. Just let your plain yogurt sit overnight in the fridge, then fold it into your favorite guacamole mix with sour cream to make a creamy tasty dip your friends will devour in seconds!

V8 in Your Ribs

V8 juice is actually an underrated source of flavor. Get yourself some spicy V8 juice and add it to some barbecue sauce and Worcestershire sauce and you’ve got a perfect glaze to cook your ribs in.

Apple Sauce in Your Meatballs?

Apple sauce is another common lunchbox snack that helps make delicious meatballs! Using apple sauce will give your cooked meatballs some extra moisture and juicy flavor.

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